T H E  B L O G

Come August 2017, Michelle decided to expand her horizons and give blogging a shot. This is her outlet where she can share inspirations and her crazy adventures under the stars- her universe, your universe too.

She created this space for you to see that this world is enormous, and a million wonders wait for you to find them.

M E E T  H E R

She’s Michelle Quezon – an ordinary girl trying to make all the stars tangible as she could. Her 20-year old dreams are far from normal. She wants to touch every grain of sand on every beach. She wants to taste every bits of food. She wants to see every art this universe has to offer. She wants to be lost and find her own way back because for her this world is a voyage of discoveries, this world was her playground which was led by the moon and the sun.

Yes, she’s Michelle Quezon, and she can’t wait to share with you the world out there, or maybe join her with her next adventure? Because she wants you to have it too!